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Sabra Rounds is a soon-to-be expat. She currently lives in the States, but is counting down the days until she lives full time in Costa Rica. Until that time, she blogs about her future country, and maintains a website dedicated to helping others discover how they, too, can live better for less, retire early, or just enjoy life more in Costa Rica. Find out more at!

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  1. Nice job! Thanks for giving me a reminder of my future home--needed it today! lol Will be sharing with my followers on Facebook.
  2. Enjoyed seeing a different side to Costa Rica than just her beautiful beaches. Looking forward to moving there!
  3. Came back to watch again. Whenever I get homesick, I love to watch this as it's mostly the area where we will be moving, and we have been to most of the places you video-taped. Not sure if it helps with the homesickness or makes it worse! haha
  4. Loved all the pics of our future home in Ojochal. Nice video! We took the horseback riding tour to Nauyaca Falls and also did the Osa zip line when we took our family last year. I've got some great pics of it on our blog.