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His predominant motivation is the pursuit of beauty, in all of its forms and expressions, and he has a gift for finding beauty where it is often not recognized at first glance by others. His forte is to showcase the unique structure and composition of natural and artificial elements associated with human existence – from the realms of urban culture and the great outdoors to the simple splendor of the human form.
From as far back as he can remember, he has been a keen observer of the details and intricacies of the world around him, and his work demonstrates an appreciation for what is remarkably uncommon in even the most commonplace things.
As a visual storyteller, each of his frames contains a tale, an interpretation, an emotion, a surprise, perhaps even a clever twist. Each piece allows the viewer to step into the world as he sees it, enabling us to experience the same sense of wonder or surprise or excitement he felt at the moment of discovery.
An accomplished photographic model for more than a decade, the addition of his own photography to his portfolio has come about rather naturally and he is as comfortable behind the lens as he is in front of it, whether in the studio or on location. While his earliest artistic endeavors began in the world of analog photography, his love for technology has made the journey into the realm of digital photography and photographic processes one that he has taken with spirit and enthusiasm.
Besides photography, his only other “addiction” is travel – it always serves to enrich his spirit, enliven his curiosity, and provide him with the freedom to be in constant motion, the state in which he is most fulfilled. It provides him with access to a whole set of new doors, behind which there are new adventures, new discoveries, and new “gifts” just waiting to be opened.
In his photographic journey Aldo strives to avoid being influenced by, or drawing inspiration from any one photographer above all others. He has, however, always admired fellow countryman Mario Testino’s unique portraits and Nino Migliori’s detailed shots.