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Jon Buscemi is an Italian-American designer born in New York that resided in Los Angeles. Jon is best known for his work at Oliver Peoples, co-founding Gourmet and his eponymous brand Buscemi.
Born in 1974 in Long Island, New York, he spent much of his early childhood engulfed in hip-hop, graffiti, break dancing , skateboarding, sneaker collecting and fashion design. At age 8, with close friends in his hometown of Uniondale, Jon started customizing clothing and hats. A true product of his environment where fashion and music and people like Dapper Dan emerged, he was right in the middle of the Long Island hip-hop movement along with the being involved in the beginnings of the New York City skateboard renaissance.
After a small residency working on Wall Street, Jon began to amass a very broad sneaker collection and began hunting for very exclusive and limited edition sneakers from around the globe. Simultaineously, many of his skateboarding counterparts and peers started brands in the street-wear and skate space. Through these industry connections, Jon was called on by ground-breaking skateboard footwear brand DC Shoe Co. USA to work on special projects. Along with the founder Damon Way, he helped build the DC Black Water, Connossuier and Lifestyle collections.
After DC, he left to become the Creative Director of Lotto USA, a partnership with the elustrious Italian tennis and soccer brand Lotto. Along with a small team of creative Jon launched Lotto Leggenda in the US and before going on to work as a Brand Director at Oliver Peoples. At Oliver Peoples, he headed up the mosley Tribes brand along with working on exclusive brand collabortions including Maharishi and the fabled Nom de Guerre frame, NDG-1.
In 2006 came his first brand independently, GOURMET. Gourmet is a brand that defies categorization. The brand was founded with 2 Italian-American partners and was based on nostalgic design and reinterpreatations of timeless, classic footwear and apparel.
After leaving Gourmet in January of this year, Buscemi launched the eponymous brand at Capsule Show in Paris in June 2013.
Buscemi is an American luxury brand conceptualized from high-end fantasy. The products derived in this fantasy stem from decades of Jon’s experiences in luxury culture, travel and retail consumption. Jon is a consumer first and designer second. The inaugural collection of Buscemi was derived from dreams. One of the keystone items in the collection is a footwear piece, named the 100mm, that stemmed from a dream that he had of cutting up one of his wife’s luxury handbags and making a sneaker out of it. Other complementary pieces in this collection were the deerskin leather wrapped skateboard valet, deerskin leather and 18k gold dog leash and coffee sleeve to name a few pieces.
In closing, BUSCEMI is an American luxury brand by globally recognized footwear and accessories designer Jon Buscemi