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Film Student at Drexel University. Aspiring Director.

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  • Twitter - My Twitter Page! Follow me to keep up to date with my day to day activities!
  • Linkedin - My Linkedin Page! Connect with me professionally here!
  • Behance - This is where I keep all my Design work
  • Pinterest - I use Pinterest to make boards of movie stills, lighting examples, my own layouts, etc as inspiration or guidance when I am on set. I also Post on set photos and catalogue them here. Follow me to see what I'm doing on sets!
  • Facebook - This is my facebook!
  • My Stage 32 Profile - Stage 32 is like a facebook for film makers and screenwriters. I have benefitted from my membership here by connecting with actors. Highly recommend it!
  • Flickr - My Flickr has photos from my sets. Stills, lighting set ups, candid photos of cast and crew, etc.


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    Thanks Serko! Glad you liked it.