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  1. Rev. Goddess Charmaine

    Rev. Goddess Charmaine PRO NJ, NY, Goddess and Tantra!


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    Hello Everyone! I Am Reverend Goddess Charmaine, The Sensuous Mystic! I Love for the Spirituality of others and am thankful to have this platform to share my gifts desires and wishes with you all! I'll be sharing my videos on Sex and Spirit and how to enhance our lives for the Divine Birthright…

  2. Last Level Boss
  3. Frank Moore

    Frank Moore Plus Berkeley


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    Frank Moore, shaman, performance artist, teacher, poet, essayist, painter, musician and internet/television personality, who experimented in art, performance, ritual, and shamanistic teaching since the late 1960s, died on Monday, October 14, 2013 in Berkeley, California. To help support archiving…

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