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"Koita to poulaki" is a digital photography studio, founded in 2010 by Vassilis Dimakis, an experienced professional photographer with inner talent. Gifted with the photographer's eye, Vassilis believes that photography is not a flat image but has become a story telling, capturing the emotions and the atmosphere of the moment shot. That is why he believes that the key to have stunning images is only if the people who are photographing feel relaxed and comfortable. This is achieved by building relationships with the clients and getting to know each other. That's why he always takes the time to get to know the people who assign their wedding photography or portrait to him.

Understanding the outcome the clients anticipate from their shoot is essential because, to him, that understanding is the key to deliver beautiful photographs which people cherish for years.

He combines candid images of the events of the day with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography. His style often involves more innovative and dramatic post-processing of images.

Vassilis is an active member of the photography group, and has participated in exhibitions and other activities. His aim is to provide high quality services with innovative ideas tailored to personal requirements with maximum professionalism. We expect you to visit our studio and meet you in person.


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