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What do you get when you mix the darkness and sexiness of goth the glitz and sparkle of glam and fuse it all together with some high energy rock n roll? Well how about something new,refreshing and electricfying. Introducing Art Flesh Gordon guitarist/singer/songwriter film soundtrack artist. Born in New York raised in New Jersey to deaf parents. Art was the third of four siblings. Even though my parents were deaf we the children were not and music played a big part in my household especially when you could turn up the volume without anyone getting annoyed. I grew up listening to a wide variety of bands and artists from Bowie to Bach to Zeppelin to Black Sabbath. It was always in the blood music music music I took a few guitar lessons but got bored with the pace of the learning process. So then I just locked myself in my room for hours and trained the hell out of my ear literally. After I became good enough I felt time it was time to put together a killer rock band. The band was called Matriarch. We did many great shows together headlining the tri state NY/NJ/Penn. club scene and opening up for some national acts.We also released a song on the Lamour Rocks disc.of which I wrote titled Red Dawn. Eventually the band dissolved and that’s when i set off in a new musical direction. I always felt i had a good voice but never had the chance to showcase it in the band and seeing as i really love films and film music i just knew this was my calling. My objective now is to get heard by the masses thru film/tv and to one day have my music in a major motion picture.To me songwriting is like painting a picture i like to create moods with the colors of sound and I feel that ties in perfectly with media and cinema. I want to grab people with my music emotionally while whatever their watching captures their eyes.
Representation: Ann P Munday
if you can use any great music -contact me.

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    Awesome music and visually moving. Thank you!