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Steven Bradford has been sounding out the edges of new media boundaries since graduating with a traditional degree in film production from the University of Southern California. In the mid 1980s he produced touch screen video sequences for a pioneering e-commerce technology company and invented a system for mass producing personalized home videos starring a Mattel toy character. Since then he has produced videodiscs for NASA, filmed video game sequences for Northrop and Sierra Online; taped neurosurgery, the rock band KISS, and the Space Shuttle in 3D; shot one extremely low budget 35mm feature—along with way way too many talking heads and close-ups of computer screens. From 2004 through 2007 Steven was the director of the School of Film and Visual Effects at Collins College in Phoenix, AZ, and now teaches at Seattle Film Institute. He currently spends his time forgetting obsolete technologies (linotype, punchcards, quad tape operator) so he can learn more (CMS websites, web video).

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