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  1. Mark commented on Need more streams
    Sorry about that, someone should have definitely responded. I'll try and figure out why that didn't happen.
  2. It's a pitty they did not send me an email to tell me that...thanks you
  3. Mark commented on Need more streams
    If you didn't receive an answer then it's possible that we are unable to help you. Unfortunately, this is out of my hands and is a much higher level discussion.
  4. I sent two emails, but no answers. Could you know why please?
  5. Mark commented on Need more streams
    Okay, cheers!
  6. Yes, 13 millions over a year. I sent an email...I'm waiting you mail me back. Thanks you
  7. Mark commented on Need more streams
    You expect your videos to be played 13 million times over a year? Please email us,
  8. I have this message : "Sorry, the number of additional readings is limited to 1.5 million at the moment." I need for my client 13’100’000 stream for one year (about 1'100'000 for a month). Is it too many streams for Vimeo Pro?