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James La Barrie (founder of Beyond Marketing) is passionate about marketing and changing a company's service culture. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua, James was born into the philosophy of treating people with the highest of service standards. James' parents were hoteliers known for delivering elite service. He saw firsthand that to treat people well is to gain loyalty from customers.

James has built a reputation as an outstanding marketer, but through years of experience in management and marketing he identified a disconnect that exists between marketing and service. Often these topics are treated separately and in James' view they are both one in the same. Good marketing is pointless without strong service. Strong service can only be delivered to a customer base that knows that the business exists. If both are combined then the end result will be a loyalty seldom seen at many companies today.

The expression, "It's not our job to please the's our job to amaze them!" is at the cornerstone of his approach. Understanding that in today's modern age of technology, every customer is now a critic with the power of influencing a company's image with a few keystrokes of a smartphone. There has never been a time where the emphasis on 'amazing' the customer is greater than it is today.

Companies must stand out from their competition, attract new customers, gain customer loyalty and have customers become champions for their business by telling the world how amazing they are! James will show you how!

Our Core Values

1. Have Integrity

2. Deliver Amazing Service

3. Be Passionate

4. Think Like a Consumer

5. Continually Learn

6. Enjoy the Journey and Have Fun

7. Be Objective

8. Show Gratitude

9. Offer Encouragement

10. Be Humble

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