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Filmgruppe Chaos gehört zum Urgestein der deutschen independent/underground Filmszene, aktiv seit 1975.
Geschichte der Gruppe:

Filmgruppe Chaos was founded in 1975 as a collective of Super-8 filmmakers. We have produced numerous short experimental- and animationfilms as well as documentaries and featurefilms. Two featurefilms have released as 16mm prints. We have started to publish a collection of DVDs which shall contain all our works.

We support the idea of true underground and independent filmmaking. Spreading information, lending out equipment, offering workshops and organizing small filmscreenings and bigger events as well as setting up filmfestivals have always been part of our activities. Our work often is connected with music and collaboation with musicians and DJs. Filmgruppe Chaos did projections for live gigs, dance events and big open-air festivals. Lately we toured East Europe and China.

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