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Steve Fuller is an Emmy award-winning Director.

As a design-based director Steve brings expertise in the integration of design and live-action to the production process, coupled with an ability to lead projects from conception to completion. Comfortable in a variety of mediums and genres, Steve's creative through-line is visual storytelling.

Steve is widely known for iconic projects such as his Emmy winning main titles for AMC's Mad Men serving as Creative Director and Designer. His creative efforts for Showtime's Nurse Jackie and the HBO miniseries The Pacific earned Steve two Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Main Title Design category in 2010.

Steve has recently been busy as an independent director helping major brands create memorable impressions with customers via commercials. His directing credits including major campaigns for McDonalds, CB2, and Anthem Healthcare. Steve has also worked with an impressive group of clients including Google, Ford, Spike, MTV, CBS Sports, Fox, Reebok, NFL, Citibank, NBC, Covergirl, ESPN, Ubisoft, USA, Sears, BBC, Olympus, and BMW.

Previously, Steve helped start and grow the East Coast offices of Imaginary Forces. Over his eight years with the firm, the Director/Designer forged a reputation for inspired, original projects for networks, agencies and feature films.

His work has also been recognized by the BDA and The One Club.

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