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  1. Andrea - love the tight close-ups and, of course, the story. Nice, tight edit. Thanks! Pam
  2. Meant to say 'the stories.'
  3. Pam LeBlanc commented on Untitled
    Oh my, I get to make another comment tonight...wonder where this one will end up? Loved the dramatic and talented rendition of Bowie's 'Changes.' Ryan and ROCK! Bravo.....from Pam
  4. Lovely, Em. Mom - Dad - Nick and Sam- will have smiles on their faces as they view. I'm sharing w/ friends. Congrats, Lady. Love, Pam
  5. Oh. Ms. Emily, how beautiful you look and sound and how compelling your voice- over is, content wise. Surprised there aren't Production credits. How come? Love, Pam
  6. Love the tight images in the Tavern and the low light. It's so Sepia! Must have been a real kick to photograph in that environment - almost can't separate the audience from the performers - a true 'meeting of the minds' as the whole damn place comes…
  7. Absolutely, and it's on me. Love, Pam