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  1. Samantha Hanus

    Samantha Hanus Fort Colins


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    "Life is a smorgasbord for Samantha Hanus, who enjoys partaking in a variety of intellectual, physical, and emotional delicacies." Contact me : samanthahanus@gmail.com

  2. Kassandra Langum

    Kassandra Langum Plus Minnesota


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    Kassandra Langum has an A.A. in Video Production from Hennepin Technical College and is earning her B.A in screenwriting from Metro State University. Her film experience includes writing, producing and directing documentary and narrative shorts. She has also worked in several differnt departments on…

  3. Clayton Ebeling

    Clayton Ebeling Coon Rapids


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    I have had my hands in video and film since 2002. I have become a huge fan of lighting (DP or LD) over the years because it is so important in any production and even though it’s just light it can strongly effect the mood and feel of the scene and characters. Although lighting is not my only…

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