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  1. KDS commented on TLC - Amanda Kearney
    Just when I think, well, Amanda has made a parody piece to really accentuate some of the reality crazies they feature in their schedule, I'll probably see a promo for this.. :) This was fun and I do think your description of the network is on…
  2. KDS commented on PBS Kids – Ed Foose
    I started out in public television. I also have 3 kids who watched when they were little. I have incredible respect for the service PBS Kids provides. Your piece is a bullseye. It has all the right thinking behind it and is a perfect fit for the…
  3. KDS commented on The CW – Andrew Kim
    I think the CW could use it for the fall! This looks very compelling and a great fit for the network. Really, really well done. Cool idea, great execution.
  4. While SOAPnet targets W25-54, I'll bet that's aspirational and their actual medium age is probably in the 60+ range. That makes your idea even more challenging, but still worth considering. It's hard to pull in an audience you're not already getting,…
  5. KDS commented on Sworn to Secrecy
    Great work! Part of what makes for good drama is intensity. Not only is the subject matter you chose right in TNT's "wheelhouse," but you've executed a dramatic moment in a short piece. Smart use of a Jack-in-the-Box, too - it's funny, because…
  6. Jessica, I think this is a bullseye for what SyFy should be doing. You've captured the promise of the network very well. Nice!
  7. It was like I was flipping the channels and stopping for a minute on Sundance -- at least "classic" Sundance Channel where they seemed to have a depth of non-fiction festival acquisitions. I know they are branching more into scripted originals,…
  8. Rachel, I think you are right on target with the audience. This is a really clever and unique piece and seems like a great fit for ABC Family. Well done!