Bala Engira Balajee

Tamil Nadu, India

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Hi, Im a shortfilm maker from India. I like direction. The only thing that completes me. Any stories, kinda ideas needed or wants to turn out as film. Contact me.


  1. Oliver Goodrum
  2. Toniko Pantoja
  3. Ricky Renna
  4. Chad Mann
  5. Tarun Lak
  6. David Victori

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  1. Just as awesome as your previous work. Hats off.
  2. That was an awesome one. \m/
  3. Good Humour. Keep up the good work. Nice One from a student. (Y)
  4. A documentary that made me cry. Inspiring one. Scott, a god. And yeah I salute Ann too, she is a superhero. - Fan from India. :'D