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I am a filmmaker based in Mumbai. My Journey started back in 1998 with "Earth 1947" as an assistant to Deepa Mehta. I loved the experience and decided to pursue this line of work. Till 2006 i worked on 7 feature films and rose to the position of Chief AD. Notable films that I have worked on include "GURU" and " The Bourne supremacy". From 2006 to 2007 I turned Producer for television with a sports channel. During this time, I independently produced chat shows, weekly magazine shows, live events and promos. I was also the Producer for NASCAR and SUPER BIKE SERIES in India
Apart from writing feature film scripts to pay my bills, I have worked as a freelance Chief AD for over 100 commercials mostly for leading brands like Pepsi, Cadbury’s, Parle, Ford, Reliance, IDBI, Mahindra, JP Cement and Airtel etc. Making films is my passion. , I started directed in 2011-2012 and some of the work that i have done is posted on this page …..


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