Violetta D'Agata, AIC

Brooklyn, NY

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For the last ten years, Violetta D’Agata has worked as an assistant director, cinematographer, editor, reporter, and director. For the past three years, she has focused primarily on Cinematography.
Her previous education in painting and her fascination with light and the art of color and composition have proven to be a potent combination in her work.

Violetta loves what she does - no matter where she is or what she is doing. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Catalan fluently. Her parents taught her how to be a goldsmith, how to race motorcycles, how to sail, and how to care about what she is doing.
Growing up in Ibiza taught her how to love life, live well, and get along with everyone. Production work has taught her how to be a team player and a leader.

Violetta loves to tell great stories all around the world. She has shot campaigns in Qatar, Barcelona, Brussels, London and Rome for Fiat, Ducati, Ferrari, EU, RAI and many others. Her narrative and documentary work has earned its way into internationally recognized festivals. She is in New York now, but her passport is always close by.

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