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    SILA SVETA PRO Los Angeles // Moscow


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    Specialists in leading-edge Multimedia Shows, VR, Light and Choreographic Performances, 3D Projection Mapping, Stage Designs and Interactive Projects. Founded in Moscow, Russia. Based in Los Angeles, USA. Operating globally. hello@silasveta.com

  2. Lisa Risbec

    Lisa Risbec Manchester


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    My practice involves very physical processes, gathering, ripping, cutting and sewing. I work with paper, found objects and fabric, concerned with the physicality of making by hand. I document and create texture, work with found colour palettes and breath new life into old things, creating collage…

  3. Lawrence Taylor

    Lawrence Taylor North East England


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    Over 6 years professional experience as Animator/Editor on many projects within a variety of sectors including TV commercials, promos and high-end corporate video. Clients include P&G, Sage, NHS, Scottish Gas, Marie Curie, Mamas & Papas, Tommee Tippee, Energy Saving Trust, Macmillan Cancer,…

  4. Tom Mitchell

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