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Mel Petersen is a BA graduate from the film and video department at the Art Institute of Houston. Her style of narrative filmmaking carries a distinctly retro and pop culture feel, with a dash of serialism. When event or live shooting Mel always makes certain to meet objectives for client satisfaction while also mixing in her own unique perspective. She is experienced in Producing and Directing but has a particular passion for Video Editing and Videography. Most experienced with programs such as Adobe Premier, Encore, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition (CS6) and Microsoft Word as well as social media marketing.

Mel has traveled around the world and within the country with her family since she was young and works well with a diverse group of people because of it, a great team player who also holds a strong passion for filming any and every type of project presented to her. Mel often does set design for low budget productions and has designed props and makeup for her horror and sci-fi projects in past.

If there is one motto that Mel Petersen lives by it’s that a person works harder for things that they love than anything else and Mel and her work colleagues are enamored with film and video production. From shot designing to filming, and all the way through post-production, it is a labor of love for this Houston filmmaker.


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  2. Carrithers Studio
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  4. Born to Explore
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  6. Ivete Lucas & OTIS IKE
  7. Houston Film Commission
  8. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  9. deadhorsemarch
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  11. Proud Pony International
  12. Ford Foundation
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