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  1. Many thanks for frankly sharing your farming life on the hills. Nicely shot and compiled, beautiful job. Hope the winter ends soon. Sheared on twitter but I don't have many followers but it all helps get the message out there, support your own local…
  2. jkforde commented on Encounter
    lovely pace in this piece, lovely work Eoin!
  3. jkforde commented on BLOWN MINDED
    no, I've tried numerous online searches but no luck. it was about a young lad in a barrel who learnt about the world while he bobbed about and looked out of one of the knot holes in the barrel. it was a gorgeous hard back book with lovely watercolour…
  4. jkforde commented on BLOWN MINDED
    "I was born blown minded"... shivery snap!...that exactly sums me up... and the gorgeous sea imagery towards the end brings me back nearly 40 years to a childrens book that i was passionate about. Thank you for those few minutes of bliss :)