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Melbournian girl gone Parisian loving life and trying to share her adventures with the world. Olivia graduated from Melbourne University in 2011 and is now finishing her masters in Brand management and Marketing in Paris. She, like everybody else, is wanting to make the most of her time on planet Earth by getting out there and seeing the sights, traveling, cooking, writing and sharing special stories of travel and adventure.

Olivia is mad about India and Istanbul and has her own jewellery brand:

And blog: oh-la-la-livia.com

Tweet me! twitter.com/Cleopatrasbling

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  1. You are so wonderful.
  2. I love this! Just how I remember pondi xxx
  3. You cannot understand how this video got me inspired. I am already an India lover but this just really did it for me! I am looking for a job in India next year in Mumbai in Advertising and I saw this and my mind was made up! Find me here: https://twitt