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Shane Ryan has made six feature films. His most recent are The Owl in Echo Park starring Kevin Gage of Heat/Con Air/GI Jane, and the critically-acclaimed My Name is A by anonymous, about accused murderer, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante. Ryan also created the successful and highly controversial underground horror trilogy Amateur Porn Star Killer. Formerly known as Alter Ego Cinema, Ryan's new site is called Mad Sin Cinema. He's changed a bit from his sexploitation image to focus on what he's been trying to make all along; artsploitation. (Note: All videos uploaded are directed and/or co-produced by Shane Ryan. While a couple videos have suggestive content and/or exploitation titles, nothing uploaded is pornographic. Even the Amateur Porn Star Killer films are available through major retailers; Barnes and Noble, F.Y.E., Frys, Amoebo Records, and many more).

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