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  1. A440LIVE.TV

    A440LIVE.TV PRO Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


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    A440LIVE.TV brands Artists, Bands and Businesses with compelling HD video and time lapse photography. We are the most competitive production company in the Midwest USA, and offer a wide spectrum of services, from music to commercial, for broadcast or web. Products Studio and location recordings, audio/video…

  2. Grissi

    Grissi Lisbon


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    after collecting images for years and years, I need now some inspiration to transform them in something that I can call a short cut or something else...not really telling a story or making any sense to me now, they are simply little moments that are captured though my Super 8...some very personal...others…

  3. Valeria Prieto

    Valeria Prieto Iowa


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    Welcome to my world http://valeriaprieto.com

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