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The biggest gun is the one inside your grey matter.

To paraphrase 90’s rap prodigal sons Nice & Smooth, “BIG FKN GUN is sort of like an action figure”, the man- ner in which the concept came together is reminiscent of Voltron. All members - visible and hidden - come from SA’s dustiest township streets and homelands.

This could explain the polished raw mentality and soundscapes of the group. Although all the members honed their craft during what might be considered the Golden Era of Durban Rap in the early 2000’s, the formation of the group happened almost a decade later. It could have been pure serendipity or coinci- dence, or just a wish to pursue a new horizon, but the music was certainly unlike any of the earlier works of Bra Sol, Soulfaktor and So&So. This did not come without criticism of-course, but BFG stuck to their GUNs – if you may - to dream up a new view, to interpret and take our culture to a different plateau. To force-feed the mainstream with new ideas. To break stereotypes and affirm a new Renaissance of the Afro-Futuristic 22nd century (no typo) SA.
After a few online releases BFG acquired a cult like status from internet addicts and bloggers alike. Although still operating from below the radar BFG enjoy a more organic growth which permits them the space to grow/nurture their sound without any influence from record label A&R’s and art critics. In a time where swagger is the order of the day and every rapper claims they are sick, BFG offers the elixir, putting music back in the centrefold.

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