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Adlington, Lancashire UK

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Distant waters fisherman who became a firefighter, was riding his bicycle to keep fit when he was hit by an oncoming car, bounced off 3 cars and hit the floor, now rides a wheelchair and isn't a firefighter any more. Just completed a 6 year course doing theology, paints bad pictures, plays kind of okay-ish guitar and ukulele, finds computers baffling, life baffling and sometimes gives up, but a gorgeous wife and three sons and 8 grandchildren bring me back to life again with a smile from ear to ear. Life's good, but at 60 maybe I'd better get a move on before it runs out, I have an identical twin but he's ugly, likes talking, talking and boring people by talking, fancy a chat anyone? On Saturdays I'm tuned in to Burnley Football Club, The Clarets, I have a serious liking to Liverpool and Accrington Stanley Football Club, T20 cricket and loves beating the Aussies in the Ashes, in fact loves beating the Aussies at anything ! Track cycling is a big thing in life, well most kinds of cycling, and the isle of man TT races, with cheeky chappie Guy Martin my top rider. I make mistakes, try to hide them, which is a mistake. Would like an old VW Camper van, old Citroen 2CV Charleston, and because I miss the sea a nice 25-30ft sea angling boat would be nice bit it'll never be. In truth I have a need for nothing and count my blessings every day and haven't got enough fingers and toes, so must have enough ! If you see someone in a carbon fibre wheelchair at a track cycling event, Burnley Football Club game, Liverpool or Accrington Stanley game, it's most probably me, mine's a black coffee !

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