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Mark Walker was one of the original percussionists for Disney's West End production of The Lion King, appearing in the box at the side of the stage, and is currently drumming for 70s progressive rock band Caravan. Mark is one of the UK's most prominent drum show artists, performing solo on GMTV, BBC 1, Sky, at the QEH and the National Music Show, not to mention six times at Europe’s biggest drum festival, RhythmSticks. His conference energisers have been performed around the globe for more than 50 FTSE 100 companies. As a journalist Mark writes for Rhythm magazine and is the author of the Xtreme Drums book, a fun drum tutorial for beginners published by Music Sales. He is endorsed by Zildjian cymbals, Dixon Drums, Tycoon percussion and Protection Racket drum cases. Outside of music he has a B.Ed Hons degree in the Education of Children with Severe Learning Difficulties.

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