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Nashville, Tennessee

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moonlight. train tracks. calm after thunderstorm. scarecrows. dusty bibles. abandoned houses. fireflies. wire fence. sunlight through dust. creaking porch. fallen leaves. churchyard cemetary. grey autumn sky. river levee. dark holler. gravel road. car overgrown by weeds. dying town. windchimes. humid night. petal crushed underfoot. smoke. dirt on coffin lid. sighs. train whistle on winter night. wooden floor. color of night sky. secret place. iron bridge. blossoms blown by storm. far off radio tower. raindrops running down window. locust. derelict boxcar. dreams. wind in poplar tree. swallow's nest in barn rafters. kudzu on telephone pole. smell of snow. first star of evening. last star of morning. dark canopy of trees. heat that rises from the road. red neon sign. hum of electric line on silent road. map of stars. hymnal falling apart. small white crosses by highway. days of rain. gathering of birds on power line. gas station lights. sound of water. cicada hum. smell of leaves. path through woods. ghosts. bottle on windowsill. midnight prayer. bare branches against darkening sky. rain on road. south wind. raven wing flutter. shadows. blinking yellow light at deserted intersection. forgotten church. sparrows. rust. dark part of flame. railroad crossing lights through fog. name of town crumbling off water tower. flock of birds at november twilight. wind before rain. weight of memory. lover's whisper. insect song at night. puddle of clouds. rusted silo. slowing song of crickets. dance of leaves blown by wind. green valley. decaying barn. field after harvest. city lights on horizon. clouds covering moon. lonely afternoon. quiet dusk. dying days of summer. shadow of bird flying by streetlamp. words of decline. buzz of insects crescendo and decrescendo in summer afternoon heat. lightning. red dirt. fall sunlight. tall pine. rain on metal roof. things that die. heartbeats.

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