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  1. Any further progress on this issue?
  2. HI Matthew, I apologize for the difficulty. I took a look at the Channel and saw that your wife is following it correctly, so I'm not sure why the videos aren't appearing in her feed. Someone will be able to take a closer look at this issue and get…
  3. When my wife logs into using our laptop computer , she has nothing on her feed, no matter if "all" filter or "channel" filter is selected. If she hovers over "videos" at the top of the page then selects "my channels" then the private channel…
  4. Hi Matthew, private content will never appear using the search feature. Your wife will not be able to find the channel by searching for it. These videos should show up in her feed, however. If she is having trouble accessing the videos via her…
  5. I have created a private channel for videos of my son. The plan is for my family to be able to use the vimeo iphone or ipad app to view these videos. I have created an account for my wife, and she is now following my channel. However, I cannot…
  6. here is a link to an example. I actually found a solution, I just change the thumbnail under settings. The videos were shot with my iphone. I left one unchanged so you can see what I am talking about. Would be nice if vimeo could know which way…
  7. I'm experiencing the same problem. I uploaded a bunch of home movies (used uploadr for vimeo). The thumbnails are upside down, but when I play the video they are oriented correctly. Any way to rotate the thumbnails?