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Terry Urban (yes, that is his real name) has been making waves throughout the global DJ and mixtape circuit since he burst onto the scene. From Hong Kong to Houston, Terry has smashed clubs worldwide, and his now infamous mixtapes and mash-ups have received accolades from such greats as Coldplay and Jay-Z.

The diverse nature of Terry’s craft lies beyond music and in the greater world of art and culture. Terry’s semi-pro skating stint, art school and graffiti background (his work has been featured in Beautiful Decay & Scribble Jam) influence his sound and can be heard through out his eclectic mixes that blend hip hop with punk with electro with rock. This flexibility has major corporations and records labels clamoring for him, such as Nike, Grey Goose and Def Jam Records, and has garnered the appreciation of celebrity fans, like LeBron James, P. Diddy and Kanye West.

If you have a pulse, you can find Terry Urban. As co-host of “The Press Play Show” (with his longtime DJ partner, Mick Boogie) on Sirius Radio, he directly connects with global listeners on a weekly basis. As a New York resident, Terry rocks the crowd at the city's best nightlife establishments, as well as monthly parties across the country. He continues to produce the most critically acclaimed mixtapes in the world (just ask Rolling Stone, Complex and The Fader magazines) and host tapes for the best up-and-coming artists today.

Like the tattoos on his arm, Terry Urban has engrained himself into the very being of today's culture. He brings true artistry to every performance and ensures that every party is properly rocked. Just ask for him by name: Terry Urban.

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