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KDTanner is the youngest of four children born into an Irish Canadian family and raised in Eastern Canada. From a very early age she exhibited a love for writing and music, and has fond memories of sneaking into her sister's bedroom when she wasn't home just to play her guitar and sing.

Music has always been a form of comfort, healing and joy to KDT. It was discovered shortly after she was born that she was very ill causing her to spend the first three years of her life in the hospital suffering from malnutrition, away from the comfort and security of parents and family.

It was during this time of pain and trauma that the doctors and nurses would find her humming to herself - healing, comfort, security, hope and joy that she found in music at even such an early age and the love, faith and hope that brought her through is now what she endeavours to bring to you the listener out of the gratefulness and joy of her own journey of triumph.

It has been said that music soothes the soul. It is a waterfall of expression, a quiet place of reflection, a joyful release for what bubbles within. Music has the ability to awaken a forgotten emotion, calm a troubled mind and heal the broken heart.

The greatest music of all flows from the depths of the Spirit and returns to the Spirit with a renewed passion leaving the listener forever affected and changed. Music has the ability to bring people together in one purpose releasing love, sharing faith and establishing hope. Perhaps you could say that music has the ability to change the world. Well, it has certainly changed mine.

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