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The Woodlands, TX

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I take obscure, hard-to-follow and disconnected science papers and explain them to the general public. My stance has always been to present the science in an unbiased way, as we find it, not as we would like it. I try to use the most recent information and translate it into simple language, equations, YouTube films and illustrations. My goal is to raise awareness, change public opinion, understand and find out if the machine will ultimately work. (Which it may not - several problems still exist.)

I am very unique in this - and it is incredible hard to do. I have to use creativity, logic and clear writing skills to weave concepts together. I must organize them in a new way. I have also developed software of my own to get to the bottom of questions which have plagued these machines.

Ultimately, there are many unknowns and many ways this machine could fail. Though the basic premise - an electric field heating ions to fusion conditions - is sound, scores of competing physical mechanisms may kill the idea. We need much more research dollars and many more research minds chasing this.

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