Leo De Siqueira

Calgary, AB, Canada

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My name is Leo De Siqueira. I'm an entrepreneur with lots on the go!

I love cars, motorcycles, and movies.

One of my hobbies is videography. Here you'll find some videos I have shot and edited for fun. Enjoy!


  1. Formula DRIFT
  2. XPROVID Films.
  3. Cyrious Productions
  4. Falken Tire
  5. Al Clark
  6. Wrecked Magazine
  7. Drift Alliance
  8. Maiham-Media.com
  9. Chase Jarvis
  10. Ross Fairfield
  11. Onyx Z32
  12. FORMAT67.NET
  14. JHDproductions | Jordan Hamelin
  15. Drifting|HD
  16. Joshua Herron
  17. Prodrift
  18. DF Films

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