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  1. Technical Divers

    by Nick Mardi joined

    243 Videos / 64 Members

    a group for technical scuba diving videos

  2. Underwater DSLR

    by 24PHD.com joined

    35 Videos / 31 Members

    A place where cinematographers drag their expensive DSLR and hybrid camera's UNDERWATER and choose to use the video mode on their camera. Using underwater housings and bravery this small group…

  3. diving

    by henry lewis joined

    37 Videos / 5 Members

  4. Indie HD Surfing Videos

    by Rohan Irvin joined

    1,325 Videos / 440 Members

    This group is for any and all HD surfing videos. Anything to do with the love of riding waves shot in HD - enjoy :-)


    by Nicholas Damen joined

    4,446 Videos / 1,964 Members

    We all love the beach so here is a place to share surf, beach, coastal lifestyle shorts. Please keep the theme close to this as content is moderated. Thank you and please enjoy some of the…

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