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Justin Luke Zirilli is the co-director and head promoter of BoiParty.com, a New York-based gay nightlife events company. He and his business partner, Alan Picus, throw weekly dance parties around New York City, and larger events across the United States.

He is also the author of the best-selling gay novel, Gulliver Takes Manhattan. The sequel, Gulliver Takes Five will be released in October of 2012.

In addition to event planning, Justin feeds his addiction to social media as the creator of Gorgeous, Gay and Twenty-Something, a private international Facebook group, as the New York correspondent of the national gay talk show, The Swish Edition, and by moonlighting as a social media and new business consultant. When he isn’t glued to his computer screen, or traversing NYC’s gay party scene, he spends his time in Hell’s Kitchen, playing PlayStation and watching Game of Thrones with his boyfriend, Mash-up Mastermind DJ JoeRedHead.

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