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I get folks amped up about fresh ideas, like every single day!

With Hepnova, I produce unique design, branding, and marketing concepts while promoting a crisp approach to urban agronomy and making wild original music. Hepnova is fresh media with the def edge.

With Express Technology, I work to help people take the reins of their tech supply chain by offering access to quality recycled and new IT service parts, complete systems, and electronics together with custom documentation and shipping options.

I'm interested in dope new ideas, fearless coolosity, and spreading wicked gnarly ideas around.

Orono High School, Central High, and ASU are where I did my institutional education time. Big up all my fellow inmates -- get at me!

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  1. This is really great. I saw this on Slashdot a while ago and found it to be completely inspiring. Big up yourself and ITP!