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Since '91 I've been hiking in Alaska, and I've had many incredible experiences. Including encounters with moose, coyote, caribou, lynx and brown and black bears. Some of the finest weeks, days and hours of my life have been spent wandering in the wild. There were some perilous falls and accidents, and hard times, but I learned many valuable lessons from those incidents. Sometimes when I need a pick me up, I think back to whatever trips come to my mind. I try to remember all the sounds, textures, dampness, roughness, exhaustion, light and happiness that came from walking for days, searching and exploring an endless realm.

I started trying to capture those wilderness landscapes with 35mm film, then I moved onto 8X10 photography. At the same time I also began using a Hi8 camcorder. 5 years ago I bought a better camcorder, and in 2011 I began using a camera stabilizer. Now I finally feel like my family and friends and other people I meet, can see the whole journey.

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