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I have a name, a number and a sign.
And the really interesting stuff: A few years after my birth I discovered that I like to listen to music. Same with movies, including the visual. I also like to make photos, espacially with poeple in front of me. Some poeple say my shots look professionell but I think it looks like me.

So...whatever. I'm just here to explore and to find out...

maxi aka suzie aka me


  1. Laura Makabresku
  2. Dark Dark Dark
  3. Sons of an Illustrious Father

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  1. Just can't get rid of it for years. It already built up some kinda little village in my head.
  2. You teased me, guys! I see it and it gives me a delightful chill. Wish I could meet some guy who just invented some kinda transport-beam-thing to beam me straight to the US any venue you're going to play. Good luck for your tour travel! greets…