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Jaffa, Israel

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Yafo Creative is a creativity hub in the heart of Jaffa -- an inventive center of concepts and art, where individuals share knowledge and ideas to enrich the community.

The community consists of international and local creatives, tastemakers and producers.We bring local culture to a wider audience around the world, as well as international culture to Israel.

We also host impromptu and conceptual gatherings which foster artistic collaboration between our community of local artists and creative minds from abroad. All of our productions contain elements of spontaneity and surprise.

We represent and manage select artists within our community from a variety of disciplines by o ering public relations, branding, management, multimedia production services and overall guidance towards becoming accomplished and successful in Israel and abroad.

Yafo Creative Residence serves as a hotel for international travelers and as an event space featuring weekly 'creative dinners' and conceptual events that become a showcase of emerging local talent from various disciplines and nationalities.

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