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Employment Objective:
Always facing each project meticulously, my goal is to bring out both technical and artistic/aesthetic perfection through my editing expertise.

Professional experience:

Feature Films
Tu Honoreras ta mere et ta mere (Theatrical trailer) / Blonde / Boo productions - 2013
Rainy Days-Meres Vrohis - 2013

La meloise / EVGA-Status / IVI / Toyotomi

TV Series - Chief Editor
True love-Drama-8 episodes -2009
Steps-Musical-8 episodes -2009
Tales of inspector Bekas - Drama - 12 episodes -2008
Amore mio-Comedy-15 episodes - 2008
Above the law-Drama-20 episodes -2007
Tell me yes-Comedy-22 episodes -2005
Forget me-Drama-24 episodes-2004

Documentaries-Chief Editor
P.O.V (ERT) - 2013
-Doug Ricard (American Dream)
-Bruce Gilden (Magnum Photos)
-Lucie Awards
-Suzan Meiselas
-Alec Soth
Nostos-Feature Film-2011-2012 (Chicago Greek film festival -2012)
Meetings with remarkable people-1 episode-(ERT)-2011
Greek Town-Documentary series-3 episodes-(ERT)2009-2011
Night shift-Documentary series-6 episodes-(ERT)-2009-2010
Flash back-Feature film-2003

Short Film-Chief Editor
We've been caught-2012
Painting the sky with flares -2002

Video Art-Chief Editor / Art Director
20 Video Art-installation for the event "City and Drugs" in collaboration with K.E.TH.E.A-2003
Fade out-Video Art-installation-2003

Video Clip (Director)
Endelehia -"I don't want to remember"-2004

Reality Show
Chef in the air (SKAI) - 2013
Amstel Live-Season 1/2/3/4 (Chief Editor) 2009-2012
The real housewives of Athens (post production manager)-2011
Greek Idol 1 (post production manager)-2010
Survivor 1 & 2 (Editor)-2002
The Party (Editor)-2001

Teaching Experience
Camera, Lighting, Editing for Television and Cinema / KETHEA - 2012-2013

Music Supervisor
P.O.V (ERT) - 2013
-Doug Ricard (American Dream)
-Bruce Gilden (Magnum Photos)
-Lucie Awards
-George Depollas (The stranger)


  1. sozita goudouna
  2. Boo Productions