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  1. Joseph Andrew
  2. Paper Cranes Productions
  3. Caleb Pike
  4. George Kasionis
  5. Nikos Tomatsidis
  7. Sakis Batzalis Photography
  8. 2 Kappa Productions
  9. Magic Chair
  10. Luigi Fedeli
  11. Dimitris Zografakis

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  1. What shutter speed used?
  2. Does it autofocuses in video while shooting with the adapter?
  3. Ηλία είσαι μοναδικός!!
  4. What picture profile was used?
  5. I like the sound fx you have to retime the clips! Is there a sound pack with these effects to purchase?
  6. Which Lenses were used? Also which way was used for the final colors?
  7. What was the picture profile setup?
  8. I love the color you have which color setup did you use?