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Kounter-Fit is not just another clothing brand but a philosophy that comes to live through the t-shirts we design and produce. A t-shirt is not only the most universal garment, it gives people a means for expression, to show a little of their identity, what they find important and what they identify with. Kounter-Fit therefore chose the “t-shirt” as a canvas through which we like to express our philosophy. For those who just like cool t-shirts because we always do this through progressive and fresh designs.

The Kounter-Fit philosophy is based on “using capitalist tactics to serve and protect nature’s interests”. In short it comes down to maximizing profits through our operations which are used for land reclamation projects. If capitalism provides the rules within we have to play then we play along to preserve and protect natural habitats.

Kounter-Fit is founded on honesty, transparency and accountability but has a rebellious nature. A rebellious nature that comes alive through our name and designs; in January we released our “tribute to the Pirate Bay” t-shirt. Kounter-Fit appreciates the way The Pirate Bay operates and we are sure they in turn appreciate our copyright infringed t-shirt design.

Kounter-Fit releases a new design every month so keep on the look out on kounter-fit.com.

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