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Jack Spirko is a well known podcaster, blogger and entrepreneur who does two daily podcasts with a combined audience of over 35,000 listeners. In his early career Jack was in professional sales for companies such as Garrettcom and Fluke Networks. At Fluke he was the top sales manager globally for the 500 plus million dollar a year firm. While sales was a natural for Mr. Spirko he saw one obivous flaw in it. In his own words,

“Once you sold something no matter how much you made doing it you had to turn around and do it again to have ongoing success and growth. I realized very early in life that systems were more important then raw talent“.

So in 1999 Jack began experimenting with using Internet marketing to develop leads for his sales teams and soon found success, as the Internet grew so did the success of his programs. Eventually in 2005 he made the transition out of sales and moved on to 100% focus on the power of Internet based marketing techniques. In 2007 he co-founded Franklin Spirko Media along with his partner and friend Neil Franklin. The firm quickly found success attracting local business, independent entrepreneurs and even Donald Trump as clients.

From 2008 -2010 Jack built his first podcast into a full time income by recording the show from his car during his 50 mile daily commute. In 2010 he made the decision to leave conventional business world behind and went full time as a podcaster and blogger. This provided him with the freedom to live his life on his own terms. Today he lives on his homestead in the Ouachita (pronounced wash-a-tah) Mountains of Arkansas as he continues to build websites, communities and businesses.

If you ask Jack what the key to success is he will answer with a single word, passion. While he found a lot of success as a salesmen and entrepreneur over the years it was embracing his passions for liberty, self sufficiency and teaching that gave him the ultimate in success. To Jack true success is reaching a state that he calls “sustainable happiness”. Jack defines sustainable happiness as…

Being able to do what you love, on your terms, your way, every single day of your life while never having to compromise your personal integrity for even one second.

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