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  1. Riding Hood Motion Pictures

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  1. Zena, thanks for getting back to me. The problem is with ALL vimeo links; I don't understand why it's only vimeo as I don't have the problem with other sources. I've tried various browsers; THe buffering is horribly slow; I tend to buffer for a…
  2. I've been reviewing films from multiple sites; vimeo is the only one that gives me difficulty. Even when the progress bar indicates adequate loading, the film does not run smoothly. It's very time consuming not to mention frustrating; I dread when…
  3. Mark commented on "choppy loading"
    You should let the video load fully before playing it, if this is an issue for your computer.
  4. the video comes on in a staccato, choppy, slide presentation. I press "Hold" for several moments and in return, get several moments of smooth viewing.