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  1. You are incredibly talented!!! How long did it take you to finish this project?
  2. Oh awesome! Just out of curiosity did it take you very long to do? I mean for most of my projects, I have a very short deadline and haven't been able to figure out 3D yet since in the past 3D has just taken way too long to learn and make.
  3. Awesome video! What 3D program did you use?
  4. Hey awesome video. What did you use for the flags?
  5. Hey I just found out about this cool product called zaxwerks 3D Flag. It evidently makes the process of making a 3D flag and making it blow in the wind with dynamics incredibly easy. Have you tried this out before? Or just stickin with everything…
  6. It looks pretty good, but a little forced. Have you tried rendering the flags inside of Zaxwerks 3D flag before? It's a plugin to After Effects that makes it super easy to animate three dimensional flags, and cloths.
  7. Hey Leo try checking out zaxwerks proanimator. It's super easy and can do the same cool things Joakim here is doing. It even is a standalone and a plugin to after effects.