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Adaptxt, the flagship product of KeyPoint Technologies, driven by Predictive Text 2.0 technology, instantly learns, predicts, suggests, corrects, keeping in pace with the user’s thoughts
Bringing Devices to life through an open revolution in Text Input Technology
Company Overview
KeyPoint Technologies is a world leader in user interface technology. With our headquarters in Scotland, offices in India and US, we provide solutions which revitalize mobile text entry.
We deliver a unique range of Adaptxt entry solutions that use proprietary pattern recognition intelligence, which powers an intuitive interface that accelerates text entry to a new level.
Our company delivers unparalleled technology to OEMs to provide a unique texting experience to their users. Our end users can enjoy a relaxed and intuitive system for inputting text across their personal device.Our Think Ahead UI makes messaging - SMS, emails, social interactions all a breeze. We learn your style and help you with reduced keystrokes and effort with our ability to correct, auto-correct and suggest relevant words from your personal style of written communication.

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