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  1. Hey Matt - thanks for responding! Awesome that it's in the works - will definitely check plus out again once it's implemented! Thanks!
  2. Hi Sarah, It's in the works but we have no ETA at this time :(
  3. I'm planning to cancel my Plus account because I cannot see stats by city. If this gets included I would happily pay for Plus again!
  4. I agree that city and state level data would be extremely helpful
  5. Any ballpark on when?
  6. Hi Liz, We're currently working on a rewrite of our stats system which should have more detail. I cannot say for sure about state-level geo data, but it's a possibility. Hopefully in general stats will become more awesome :)
  7. Hello, I noticed that I get geographical stats on my videos that show me where I'm getting views. However, it only lets me see the country which I'm getting views in. Myspace lets me see the state, and cities where I am getting views. This helps…