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Music Video Director - Filmmaker
My music videos covers pretty much every major genre in the last 16 years, from soul to hip hop, jazz, drum and bass to indie-rock and dance music. My love of the music is reflected in the images, and my concepts often show links with my past in documentary photography, musical iconography and art direction. The early days of home video in the late seventies helped me to develop my love of cult cinema and B-movies. A steady diet of science fiction, horror was to become a profound influence on my visual style. The iconic imagery of Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, David Lynch, John Carpenter and Dario Argento began to seep into my unconscious from a very early age.

I started as a theatre stagehand and soon began to expand my experience into stage lighting and sound design. I then began photographing bands whilst simultaneously taking a degree in documentary film. I moved to Brighton, UK in 1996 and made a short film Vinyl, about an obsessive funk LP collector gone mad, which was showcased by the BFI and Kodak New Directors at BAFTA. It was picked up to open alongside Darren Aronofskys debut, PI and Buena Vista took it on as a support at the London National Film Theatre.

I'm all about capturing the reality of the situation with a pure, photographic approach to create a soulful vibe and a cinematic interpretation of the music.

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