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  1. Kristian Solli

    Kristian Solli Norway


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    Norwegian fly fisher, photographer and vinyl collector. Member of Loop Tackle Europe Pro Team.

  2. TwoFisted Heart Productions
  3. La Vaguada

    La Vaguada Valdivia - Chile


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    Director and Partner La Vaguada Fly Fishing, Outdoors & Outfitters Patagonia - Chile www.lavaguada.cl contacto@lavaguda.cl Cel. 09-94999129

  4. FreshWatersJournal

    FreshWatersJournal Finland


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    About Hi, My name is Bruce, I have been fly fishing for the last 10 years in Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden. Fly Fishing has become a real addiction since my first cast on a small river called Akasjoki in Northern Finland. I am looking forward to sharing this passion with people around the world. Blog…

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