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Blurred Edge is the home of acclaimed British composer and sound designer Chris Green.

Chris specialises in electronically manipulating real world sound sources and instruments to create diverse and evocative music, soundscapes and sound design. His cutting edge technical proficiency combined with classical training have allowed him to produce highly personal scores, and develop a distinctive and in-demand compositional voice.

Over the years Blurred Edge is proud to have worked with and been trusted by many high profile clients in all areas of the media and entertainment industry. As well as working with some of the world’s top music production companies such as Adelphoi Music, Delicious Digital and MassiveMusic.

Chris has recently finished working as composer on the AAA game Need for Speed: Most Wanted with Criterion Games/Electronic Arts and is currently working on the sequel to the BAFTA award winning The Room computer game created by Fireproof Games.

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